Thank you, Charles Mercer, for taking me through the walk into photography. Thank you for your patience, time, and expertise and most of all for the amazing person you are. I have learnt so much from you and beyond photography.
You are a life coach. God bless you!
Cliff Weston 

The course Charles offers gave me a fantastic technical grounding and creative direction. The course itself was stimulating and fun and created a great support network that I still enjoy and derive benefits from to this day. My interaction with Charles and his course gave me the confidence to finally pursue my lifetime passion of starting my own part-time photography business. 
Thank you, Charles, for guiding me on this journey.
Katja Forster​​​​​​​
I found Charles through my friend Jill who also lives in Hout Bay. During my 4-week vacation in Cape Town, I wanted to improve my camera skills and photography technique. I booked the Three Locations Course and I loved it. Charles is a great, creative, and patient teacher. Shutter speed, ISO, f/stop, I finally understood what it’s all about. All these buttons on my camera make sense now.
He has such a creative eye, he helped me a lot with composition. Charles also encouraged me to take photography to a professional level, which I did back in Switzerland and my new little business is growing.
Charles, thank you so much for your encouragement!
I highly recommend booking a course with him!
Christine Schmidt, Zurich, Switzerland 
Doing Charles’ photographic course was the best professional investment I've made. I learned so much from him. The course has improved my photography and the weekly interaction with the PhotoCoach community continues to inspire me. 
Keith Reid
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