Time changes things – thoughts on the camera shutter

A slice of time
Some thoughts on the shutter and its power.The camera shutter is possibly one of the greatest inventions; this may surprise you until you consider that it has the power to freeze time in a moment.We are all caught up in time.

Time is like a river; it alters everything it passes over.

A river flowing down the mountain will gouge out new channels and move logs and rocks in its path. Living beings will age, and their appearance will change with the years. Structures that are built with human ingenuity will alter as weather patterns continually beat against them. Nature and the seasons will ensure that.

Nothing will ever remain the same, time will make sure of that.

The miracle of the camera shutter means that all this activity will cease for a short moment in time as you capture the past and record it on an image.


Time changes everything 

Building decay

This is an image of a restaurant taken over the weekend.
The exterior walls of the buildings that house the restaurant are changing; chunks of concrete fall off as the waves bash against it on a daily basis.

This is what gives the restaurant its great character. As you eat your pizza (with the understanding that you will be up all night with indigestion) you may compare your aging body to the building getting buffeted by waves.

ISO 100  24mm   f / 22   2,0 sec

Time changes everything 


The head turned to look into the light for the first time.

How wonderful to be able to capture one of the most precious moments in all the world, before time brings its changes and the wonderful naievity is gone.

ISO 500  105mm   f / 4,0   1/30 sec


Time changes everything


Some say that love is the greatest quality that we can possess.

But love can change with time. When problems arrive, and we allow those problems to squeeze us dry, love can diminish. Time, wretched time, with all that it brings, can turn us away from love.

I took this image of a couple on Blouberg Beach a few years ago and often wonder how these lovers are doing. Did their love change?

ISO 400  28mm   f / 16   1/30 sec



Time changes everything 


This statue of Cecil John Rhodes in the Company’s Gardens in Cape Town might soon be removed.
Even though Cecil’s goodness was in question, a difficult man, the money he left behind has meant that thousands of people in Africa have been able to afford a university education.

When the statue has gone, I have this image to show to my generations. I will tell them that my great-grandfather joined the trek. He was one of those who heard the call, “Go north young man.”  He left behind thousands of memories which are now housed in the museum in Harare.

He also made time stand still, in a way.

ISO 1000   28mm   f / 9,0   1/200 sec

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