The PhotoCoach course is designed with the following in mind: 

Learn to see with new perspectives, exercising your inbuilt creativity 
Take on the huge benefits of critique from the experts (not criticism) 
Learn the skills necessary to achieve your photographic goals 
Learn to enjoy the moment in terms of mental health and peace of mind
Learn how to present your work to the world with confidence 

We tailor-make courses for people who want to achieve a specific goal in their photography. This is suitable for individuals or small groups of a like mind. Contact us and we will devise a plan suited to your needs. This is a useful option in times of COVID-19. Use the contact form below or phone +27 82 378 9044

Some themes to consider doing: 
- The technical aspects of your camera 
- Editing your work for presentation (if you choose this, you will need at least 3 sessions) 
- Excellent composition through photographing shapes, and forms, using natural lighting (on location)
- Close up work in nature with plants, and understanding depth of field and focus points (on location)
- Working with people on the streets and the psychology of portraiture (on location)
- Mastering excellent landscapes (a tripod is needed) (on location) 
- Your own suggestions 

A quotation will be sent to you once you have decided which themes would be the most useful.

Thank you!
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