PhotoCoach was established in 2007 and since then has seen many photographers come through its doors. Coaching has been the keyword, not just coaching in the art of photography, but much more - to learn to see the connection between photography and life, to embrace this world and all its beauty, to pursue light and understand the ways it affects the emotions and our perceptions of beauty. 
PhotoCoach as a way of teaching others has evolved. Through the years we have battled with COVID, it has become apparent that the idea of meeting locally in groups needs to be revised. Because of this, the NEW courses will be held online - and become international. Not only that, but we have also decided to take you all the way through from start to finish; where we help you to put together a PROJECT, how to PREPARE that project and how to PUBLISH that project. You will be coached through this process, not left floundering, and in a systematic and orderly method. 
In this way, you will learn faster, as you will have a goal to achieve, and be able to see the results of all your challenging work as you show it to others. Being linked to a creative photographic coach will have tremendous advantages, no more learning in bits and pieces, your progress will be through a structured timeline. And in no time, you will see the advantage of being more independent as you take on more creative projects.
I am looking forward to getting to know you and making friends - so that we see your photography dreams fulfilled. 
I have your back in a competitive industry,
Charles the Light Coach.
Cape Town
June 2022

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