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Today, quality post-production in photography is vitally important.  Some photographers will openly admit that knowing how to use Lightroom has transformed their work from mundane to brilliant. It is a learning curve though, not as intense as getting to grips with Photoshop, but it will take time to master. PhotoCoach’s Lightroom course will get you up and away.

Register for this course and we will explain the best ways of managing your files before we get into the creative side; our hands-on approach will lead you to understand many of the creative tools that Lightroom offers. We will have you exporting your own images in no time, understanding many of the secrets and shortcuts that many photographers take months to learn.

The cost of the course is R1 850 per person.

This includes 3 sessions of a minimum 1,5 hours each

Transport costs will be added for areas further than 20km from Hout Bay, Cape Town. Terms and conditions apply.

Contact us to arrange a time and a date.


If you would like to participate in the special offer that Adobe has for photographers, (Lightroom and Photoshop) then click here (South Africa). Please note that Adobe Lightroom Classic cc is for Desktop editing and Adobe Lightroom cc is for editing images on your mobile. The deal comes with Adobe Photoshop cc and also a free programme, Adobe Portfolio which you can use to create simple websites. At the time of writing, the monthly fee is $9.99 USA.

Extra course for beginners

If you would like to add one session to the course which would include advising you on the purchase of a Camera, Computer, SD cards, Card Readers, and setting these up so that you are ready to go, please contact us and we will quote you on this service.

Some of the technical detail covered in the syllabus:

Joining Adobe.com and pitfalls you can expect; Loading Lightroom Classic cc and Photoshop cc 2018; The best ways of organising your files outside of Lightroom under one system.

The Library Module: Understanding the interface of the Library module – the Navigator, Folders, Collections, Import and Export buttons and alternatives. The main view of your selected image and how to maximise space. The thumbnails and how to scale them, grade them and colour code them. Understanding Library Filters: Text, Attribute, Metadata. Locating the histogram and the camera settings, ISO, Focal Length, Aperture and Shutter speed. How to analyze the histogram. Quick develop and when to use it. Keywording, Keyword list, setting a customised Metadata Keyword Preset.

The Import Interface: Selecting your Source; understanding copy as DNG, Copy, Move and Add. File handling including the best settings for Build Previews, Build Smart Previews, Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates; Make a Second Copy to … and Add to collection. Adding Creative Presets before import. Applying metadata.

The Develop Module: A Tour of the Interface; Presets and how to obtain FREE offers; Snapshots, History and understanding Collections. Understanding how to alter the histogram; adjusting panels and backgrouncolours; using the tools, Crop, Spot Removal, Red Eye, Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, Adjustment Brush. The Basic Panel, Tone Curve, HSL/Color/B/W, Split Toning/Detail and the removal of noise; Lens Correction, Transform and Camera Calibration.

The Export Interface: Export Location; File Naming; Video; File Setting per destinations: Image Sizing; Metadata; how to Watermark your images: text and graphic, Post Processing.


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