The PhotoCoach course was designed several years ago by Charles Mercer, a Cape Town photographer. Charles wanted to see a more effective way of learning photography than the expensive options available in those days. He had discovered that the coaching methodology was a far better way than the traditional ways of learning and that people could learn much faster by being inspired to learn rather than having the teaching dished up on a plate.

He found that the inspiration to learn was of a far better quality when people had their cameras in their hands and were participating in an assignment. Almost like swimming teachers who believe that the baby learns to swim better when thrown into the water, students learned much faster (and were far happier) when participating in a photo shoot with a theme.

This is not to say that there is no teaching at all. It comes in the form of comprehensive back-up booklets for each assignment. Students are asked to prepare for each lesson before the assignment begins.

The approach has worked with over a hundred courses run and has seen many students and even professionals equipped and inspired to carry on creating images that they are proud of. There is a sense of ownership as well and pride that the skills learned did not come from formal examinations; rather through experience; in the building of relationships with others; and in the kind and patient methods of coaching that Charles Mercer has devised.

What kind of people can enroll – With the type of coaching that Charles employs, students have been drawn from all walks of life and with all kinds of cameras. From those who have just made their first purchase, to professionals wanting to expand their skills and increase their creativity.

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