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This is an essential course for all delegates to the Four-Locations Course

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Held in Hout Bay on Saturday 14th July at Deli Delish Restaurant from 15:00hrs to 16:30hrs 


The Four-Locations: 

During the winter months, I will be doing private, one-on-one coaching at exactly the same price.

To arrange the dates, please contact me on 082 378 9044 or email me at mercersphotography@gmail.com


The price of this course is R1 500 for the four sessions and including the one FREE session “Learn Your Camera”.

  • Booklets describing best techniques for each location
  • Critiques of 5 images per week
  • A certificate issued after the course for those who have submitted images

This is the framework for the next course


Composing properly is both a natural gift but can also be taught through the basic principles. On this course, we have a unique way of teaching you composition through water reflections in a fishing harbour.  We teach you how to arrange the elements you see in the best possible compositions, using the principles laid out in the booklet sent to you a week earlier. Because of the fluid lines, you will be amazed at your achievements and you will produce images worthy of framing.


Street photography has become an art form and is an important way of learning to compose artistically. We will go out in a group to learn the techniques, having studied the booklet on street photography with all its recommendations on camera settings and focus controls. In this session, you will learn:



  • To take images unobtrusively and quickly and so increase your skills.
  • New ways of shooting from different angles of view.
  • The techniques of using Live View when you want to remain anonymous among the crowds
  • About shutter speed, how to freeze or blur your subjects to create effects.
  • About depth of field should you want to blur backgrounds



Nature photography is probably the most therapeutic of all the assignments because it involves seeing what is around us on this planet with fresh eyes; getting down low and looking at the way light affects the surfaces of leaves, how colours change in different light. This assignment will give you permission to be a child again, to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. You will learn:



  • How to vary depth of field
  • Use different backgrounds and how important they are
  • Learn to create bokeh for effect
  • How to compose for nature
  • How to counter the wind and soften the sun’s effect
  • And many other tips and tricks

*A macro lens is not essential for this assignment.


Land and seascapes is a specialised art form and there is a lot to learn about composition and technique. There is nothing more healing to the soul than being out in the right light and knowing that you are about to create a masterpiece. We will teach you the secrets learned over decades and make sure that you come away inspired to get out there as often as you can. We teach you:



  • About focal length and why a wide-angle lens is not always necessary
  • How to make your landscapes as sharp as possible
  • How to slow down your shutter and blur water movement
  • How to wait for the right light and recognise those few seconds when it is at its best
  • How to use tripods and make sure there is no movement at all with the camera
  • And many, many other techniques

Comprehensive booklets will be provided .

At just R1500 for 4 sessions, (and one FREE course) – including booklets and your own personal coach, what are you waiting for?

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